I wanted to personally welcome you back to Market Day and share how we are making it easier for busy families to feed their families delicious and nutritious foods and raise money for their school in one easy step!   In many ways Market Day hasn’t changed one bit!

More great news….

We will be stocking the shelves over the next few months with a selection of the original, high-quality delicious foods that Market Day was built on and we are getting it all started with one of your all-time favorites- ChicNSteakesTM!

We are excited to announce that due to the success of the Pre-Sale Bundle $99 Feature, we have extended orders til September 22nd.

One Awesome Change…. all orders will now be delivered directly to home or office.  Just place your order on-line and we will get them shipped directly to you.  Your orders will arrive via Federal Express or UPS using an eco-friendly cooler (NO Styrofoam) with dry ice.   Orders will ship within 1 to 2 days of being placed and will be packed to remain frozen for up to 8 hours after they arrive at your front door.

Before becoming CEO of Market Day, I was first introduced to Market Day as one of the original vendors.  Our Chicago based family sausage company- Krueger Sausage supplied Market Day with handcrafted Bavarian Bratwurst, Italian Sausage and Chicken-Italian Sausage.    As a busy Mom, I was a passionate Market Day customer and couldn’t live without my ChicNSteakes and Chocolate-Chip Pudding Cakes! Today, beyond becoming the CEO of Market Day, I am a Mom and a Grandmother to Oliver (that’s the little cutie in the picture).

At Market Day, we are committed to maintaining the integrity, quality, and convenience of the foods we provide to our Market Day families.   Over the upcoming weeks we invite you to follow our Facebook page and visit our website as we add more delicious and easy to make food to our offerings.

Market Day was built by being an integral part of schools and families by helping to raise funds for local schools and non-profit organizations.    We are so very honored to be able to continue that tradition.

We would love to hear from you so please send us your “must haves” so we can add them to the market.   In addition,  send any comments, suggestions or questions on how we can assist your school, music or arts program, sports team, or non-profit organization raise funds to  help@marketdaylocal.com

From all of us at Market Day, we are honored to be back serving our children and our communities. Happy Back to School!

Warm Regards,

Theresa Krueger-CEO

Market Day

How it all started……

In 1973, Trudi Temple was creating flower arrangements to raise funds for local churches and missions in poverty-stricken countries. When she could no longer supply enough flowers from her garden, she began buying them wholesale at Chicago’s famous Randolph Street market.

Trudi discovered the market also sold fresh produce. She formed a food cooperative in her neighborhood, driving to Chicago each week to buy products that she would then offer to friends and neighbors to support her missionary work.  In 1975, Trudi’s daughter asked her to bake a cake for a school fundraiser. Trudi brought cases of fresh produce instead, and the idea was a huge hit!

The following week the first “Produce Day” was held at Walker School in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. News spread quickly and it wasn’t long before other schools were requesting similar programs. Trudi began supplementing produce with meats, seafood and poultry, and Produce Day became a monthlyMarket Day program at schools.

The Market Day concept was born and grew to help serve  schools, churches and nonprofits in their fundraising efforts donating over $400 million to public education throughout the United States.

The next chapter……

In 2019, the Market Day brand was acquired by Market Day Local, Inc.  Starting in September 2019 the Market Day fundraising program and beloved Market Day products will be available for direct home delivery for all Market Day fans.

We are grateful for the vision Trudi inspired and showing us that a woman with a plan, a truck and a lot of hard work can change the world!