Amish Acres CSA Egg Share
Amish Acres CSA Egg Share Amish Acres CSA Egg Share Amish Acres CSA Egg Share

This page is for an automatic subscription to either 2 dozen (half share) or 4 dozen (full share) eggs per month. You can also order these eggs by the dozen anytime you want by going to this page.

Amish Acres is a small family owned and operated farm on 85 acres of the Wet Mountain Valley of Westcliffe, Colorado.

We have always loved animals, and wanting to spend more time with the family, so we to build a big chicken barn and start producing quality eggs for other people to enjoy.
Back in 2017, Amish Acres built a large insulated barn with a dirt floor so the hens can have their daily dust bath, eat, sleep and lay their eggs without worries from wild animals. Every morning the doors are open so our chickens can go outside to scratch, eat bugs and worms and do what chickens naturally do.  Inside the barn they also have GMO Free chicken feed they have access to at all times.  No antibiotics or growth hormones are ever used and as natural and healthy as nature allows.
Happy hens = Quality eggs = Happy customers.
All our cleaning and packaging is done on the farm by our family, and unlike commercial egg producers, that store the eggs in coolers for several weeks and sometimes up to 2 months before processing the eggs and cleaning them with chemicals to sanitize them.  Eggs are gather and wash everyday by-hand than sanitize them with a mild solution (not using any chemicals), then package them and put in our cooler till Wednesday.  Amish Acres eggs are deliver every week to Market Day Local warehouse, so that is Farm Fresh, Free Range eggs.
Amish Acres farm is powered by the sun, including walk-in cooler, powers the Inverter to produce all the power we need on the farm.
Amish Acres uses pulp egg cartons that when you are are done with the carton you can pull off the label and put the cartons in your compost pile and turn it back to soil.
So we at Amish Acres ,thank you for choosing our eggs, we hope you enjoy !!