Why Market Day Chic'NSteaks are 5 star customer favorite

#Experience the Tender and Juicy Difference with Market Day ChicNSteakes!

Have you ever savored a bite of chicken that's delightfully moist, tender, and full of flavor? That's the ChicNSteakes experience we guarantee every time. We're glad to hear that so many of you love our product and are enjoying it in various recipes, from oven-baked dishes to sizzling summer grills!

Here's the secret: we choose smaller 4 lb chickens. It may seem counter-intuitive, but bigger isn't always better when it comes to chicken. Those larger 8 lb birds you find in grocery stores often result in dry, tough, and chewy meat. But our smaller birds? They're the key to that tender, juicy chicken you crave.

Our commitment doesn't stop there. Each of our 4 oz. chicken breasts are individually quick frozen and packaged, ensuring consistency in size for all your favorite recipes. Our process is designed to make your meal prep as easy as possible.

At Market Day, we are committed to our quality-first approach.

Savor the difference today with our ChicNSteakes, where every bite is a testament to quality, taste, and commitment to healthier, more delicious meals.

#MarketDayChicNSteakes - For a Chicken Experience Like No Other!

Order Market Day Chic'NSteakes for the chicken expereince like no other!


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