Chicken Whole
Chicken Whole Chicken Whole Chicken Whole Chicken Whole

Whole Chicken

1 Whole Chicken per individual package

14 Whole Chickens per case


Mary’s Free-range whole chickens are packed for easy freezer storage.  

Offering Free Range, Air Chilled, Antibiotic Free, Non-GMO, sustainably farmed, no hormones added poultry products

    Mary Pitman seeks to provide only the best nutrition for you and your family. She has studied nutrition for over 20 years and today reads the ingredients of every food product that she buys.     Mary realized the importance of finding foods that contain only natural ingredients when she became aware of her own body's adverse reaction to foods containing sugars, preservatives and food additives.

     Today, Mary's formula for good nutrition is simple...When she and her family eat food that is grown as nature intended, it makes everyone feel good and keeps them healthy.     Mary's name is on these chickens because they are raised the old-fashioned way. Healthy for the chickens and for the people who eat them